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Boost Your Wood Heater Effectiveness

6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Wood Heater Effectiveness

Wood fireplaces provide your home with a stable, warm and relaxed feel, and it assists you to be energy-efficient and save money on maintenance costs. With the arrival of numerous energy-efficient technologies, we also witnessed the innovation of energy-efficient gas and wood fireplaces. Today’s contemporary and energy-efficient fireplaces have helped homeowners make the utmost use of their wood heaters by over 75%. While this is commendable progress in technology, there are more techniques that homeowners can use to increase the energy efficiency of their wood heaters.

Here are some easy yet effective ways to maximise the energy competence of your wood heater.

#1. Dry Fire Wood

It is vital to burn dry hardwood to get the most heat generated from your wood heater. If the wood is wet, it won’t burn adequately hot, and you will need to use more fuel to kindle. When you’re burning wet hardwood, creosote will start forming on the glass door and in your flue, leading to a likely flue fire.

#2. Insulation

With fireplaces, the longer you can uphold the heat generated in the room, the more fuel-efficient it will be. The rooms that you want to heat should be well insulated. Install a wall or roof to help aid with the energy performance of your heater. Furthermore, cover open areas underneath external doors to prevent cold air from entering in and allowing heat to leak. 

#3. Regular Chimney Sweeps

Chimneys can get dirty and blocked when they remain without sweeping for too long. Creosote can accrue on the flue, lowering the performance of your wood fireplace substantially. Therefore, it is vital to regularly schedule a chimney sweep to ensure your chimney is operating in optimal condition.

#4. Use Your Fireplace Properly

It is imperative to use your wood heater properly to get the maximum out of your timber and maintain heat in your home. Don’t allow the room to cool down too much; else, you will be using more fuel than required to heat the room again.

#5. Ceiling Fan

You can use a ceiling fan in the winter mode or in reverse to aid scatter heat in the room by moving it over the ceilings and the walls. It is more beneficial when you have taller ceilings in your home.

#6. Install Efficient Heat Transfer System

When you install a heat transfer system in your ceiling or roof space, it lets the heat generated from your wood heater in one room transfer to multiple areas of your home. You can get these heat transfer kits from various suppliers.

Final Words

Voila! Apply these simple tips to reap its many benefits; they are friendly to the environment and your pocket. Switch to wood fireplaces or wood heaters today to maximise energy efficiency and enjoy the same quality of heating at a lower cost and lesser carbon footprint and maintenance.

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