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What’s the Best Way to Install a Fireplace?

There’s nothing quite like a wood or gas fireplace to warm your home and create a cosy ambience in the cooler months. Whether you opt for an open-hearth wood fireplace, a gas fireplace, a potbelly stove, or another type of fireplace, it not only creates warmth for your entire home on chilly days and nights, but it is also an appealing design feature for your home, office, or commercial space. Fireplace installation must, however, always be undertaken by professional installers.

Fireplace Installation – What You Need to Know

As much as some homeowners love the challenge of a DIY project, fireplace installation is one task that should always be left to a certified professional installer.

Even if you are installing a new fireplace into an existing space or simply replacing an old system, what is seemingly a simple job can be anything but – and by opting for the DIY route, you may run into problems, nullify your warranty, or create a dangerous situation for your family and your home.


  • Not all fireplaces and chimneys are a perfect match, and vents and chimneys need to be drafted properly lest your home fills with carbon monoxide, or smoke when the unit is lit.
  • Not all chimney liner materials are suitable for all types of fuel – so a chimney built for a wood stove or fireplace may be unsuitable for a gas fireplace installation and vice versa.
  • Various building codes apply to chimneys and fireplaces and these are enforceable by law. Fireboxes and chimney liners require surrounding materials (including wall supports) to be appropriately cleared to avoid the risk of fire. Some heavier inserts may require extra foundational support.
  • Most types of fireplaces (except for open-hearth wood-burning fireplaces) require additional infrastructure, including but not limited to gas lines, pilot light power hookups, blowers, fans, and more.
  • The age of the home or other building, its design, and other architectural factors can influence your choice of the fireplace and its practical installation.

Why Choose a Professional Fireplace Installer?

For safe and effective burning and exhaust, a professional installer delivers on the following:

  • Installer Expertise – certified, professional fireplace installers have the training and expertise to understand and follow all building codes, manufacturer’s recommendations, and other installation requirements applicable to the specific type of fireplace or stove being installed. They can also undertake or manage required gas or electricity connections.
  • Quality Workmanship – professional and certified installers from your vendor guarantee their workmanship alongside your product.
  • Streamlined Project Management – deal with a single contact from purchase through the installation process and set up/guidance through the use of your new fireplace.
  • Simple Warranty Tracing – fireplace warranties generally incorporate fine print requiring
  • Product-Specific Installer Knowledge – It’s important to have your new fireplace installation performed by a professional installer from the vendor company you have purchased your fireplace, BBQ or stove from. Some people will elect to use a contractor from a separate company – this is not the best option.
    By choosing an installer from the same company as you have purchased from, you are guaranteed service quality and compliance with warranty conditions. Your installer will have the experience and expertise with your chosen product to seamlessly install your fireplace and have it working properly quickly and without fuss.

Choose Fireplace Masters Today!

Fireplace Masters is the Illawarra’s leading fireplace and barbeque business and the only specialised fireplace retailer in the greater region. We are a family business and we have more than 40 years’ experience in our industry; we offer expert guidance and advice to help you select the perfect product for your home, business, or commercial space.

Not only a retailer of a great selection of quality wood and gas stoves, fireplaces, BBQs and accessories, as a licensed Building Company we are also the top fireplace installation and service professionals in the area. We also offer in-home consultations to ensure you are delighted with every aspect of your choice and its use.

We invite you to visit our showroom at 2/30 Shaban St, Albion Park Rail, NSW.

An appealing space, it is a comfortable place for you to browse and shop for wood and gas fireplace, BBQ and stove products and select the ideal product for your home.

Learn more about us and the products we offer here.

Contact Fireplace Masters today for more information or call us on (02) 4257 5493 for a measure and quote. We deliver the very best in fireplace products and installation to ensure your home is ready when the autumn chill sets in.

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