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Benefits of installing a gas fireplace

Why Install A Gas Fireplace? What Advantages Do It Provide?

When thinking of a fireplace, what instantly comes to your mind is perhaps the images of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Isn’t it? With technological advancements, gas fireplaces have gradually started replacing real wood-burning fireplaces, particularly in modern homes. Easier to use gas fireplaces have risen in popularity and are often being installed in Aussie homes. A fireplace is very much needed to warm you and your homes, especially in winters. You will love to sit in front of the glowing fireplace with a cup of coffee watching your favourite television show or reading a best seller.

Here are the benefits of freestanding gas fireplaces:

1. Safety

Gas fireplaces are safer than their wood-burning counterparts, as they do not produce smoke, sparks or backdraft, but that does not mean owners can stay carefree and neglect all standard safety precautions. Lopi gas fireplaces get an almost invisible safety screen while still producing sufficient radiant heat.

2. Energy Efficiency

Gas fireplaces are very energy efficient. Buying wood to burn in your wood fireplace can get quite expensive. Furthermore, a gas fireplace is ideal for zonal heating; thus, it is a more viable option that can save you substantially on your energy bills, as you have to heat only specific spaces in your home.

3. On-Demand Heating

With a touch of a button, modern gas fireplaces render heat on-demand without any mess, no preparation time needed and can accurately control temperature, making heating up your space a simple task.

4. Easier Operation

When compared to log fireplaces, gas fireplaces are easier to use. With a press of a button, you will instantly get fire. You don’t have to tend the fire, and no ashes will be there to clean up later. You don’t have to buy suitable logs, cut the firewood, heap them, or even there is no need to harm a tree.

5. No Need to Store

A gas fireplace can work on LPG (bottled) gas or natural gas. Your local gas company supplies natural gas through a metered connection to your home. Unlike timber, you won’t have to store natural gas at your home, making it easier for you.

6. Design Flexibility

Horizontal or vertical endpoints and rear or top vent alternatives render excellent flexibility in design with more choice for positioning your fireplace. Lopi gas fireplaces facilitate longer flue operation, with more bends.

7. No Clutter

When gas fireplaces burn, they do not produce any ash like their wooden counterpart. So there is nothing to clean, saving your precious time and effort. A wood fire produces ash and requires cleaning around the fireplace as some clutter could accumulate upon constant use. A wood fireplace can gather creosote in the flue and on the glass door with continual use, which requires cleaning the flue system/ chimney. A gas fireplace does not require ongoing maintenance and only needs annual service.

The Bottom Line

Voila, gas fireplaces come with many advantages! If you’re planning to buy one, contact us at Fireplace Masters on 02 4257 5493, and our experts will help you choose the best gas fireplace based on your requirements and budget.   Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest