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Tucker 6+1 GTR BBQ Built In

The new GTR Series is our hottest, even heat BBQ to date.

*Price includes GST.

The new GTR Series is our hottest, even heat BBQ to date.

All GTR BBQs have an extra burner added to the design, to create that incredible even heat that these units are already getting famous for.

– 6 full length burners in the body of what traditionally is a 5 burner BBQ – hot!!
– Our incredibly hot +1 three ring side burner built into the body of the 6+1
– Incredible heat control and cook times
– Top of the line 304 grade stainless steel
– Strong, custom designed and made stainless grill and 5mm plate.
– No clearance window hood that rolls on itself
– Insulation Jacket available for building into combustibles
– Environmental and easy clean slimline drip tray, no sand or fat absorb required.
– Robust construction, hand-welded stainless steel, polished every corner.
– Lifetime manifold warranty
– 10 year structural warranty on firebox and hood
– Readily available and reasonably priced spare parts
– Tucker Stainless Steel Roasting Pan and Rack included

Unlike other manufacturers if you select Natural Gas, we will supply your unit already converted to Natural Gas ready for plug and play (Most just send a Natural Gas Kit which requires an authorised person to change over the jets).

Are you ready to impress with the best BBQ you’ve ever owned?


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