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Are Fireplaces Expensive?

Are Fireplaces Expensive?

At first glance, it may seem that fireplaces can be expensive. But is this really the case? Is a fireplace really worth the money? While the initial outlay for a fireplace might seem costly, when you factor in the savings over time and the many benefits you enjoy, your fireplace is a great investment that will pay for itself many times over in terms of savings, enjoyment, and added value to your home. The most important things to consider are:
  1. Choosing a premium, reputable fireplace supplier.
  2. Understanding the different types of fireplace and which one best serves your needs.
  3. Choosing a licensed, experienced fireplace installer to properly install your fireplace safely.
Various types of fireplace are available. Costs vary, but it is not just the cost of purchasing and installing the fireplace that you must consider. You must also think about:
  • How much will your fireplace cost to run?
  • Does installation require a big alteration to your home?
  • What are the ongoing operational costs?
  • How much regular maintenance will be required?
  • How much money will you save in the long term thanks to your fireplace choice?

Fireplace Options

  • Wood Burning Wood burning fireplaces deliver most in terms of rustic ambience- a cosy atmosphere, crackling real flames, and the aroma of fragrant smoke (depending on your chosen fuel). These require wood logs and you must also ensure that your local council regulations allow for wood-burning fireplaces. You will need a chimney. These fires can be tricky to light at times and can be messy in terms of ash – an enclosed stove is a cleaner and safer option than an open hearth. Ongoing costs include wood (if you purchase rather than cutting or collecting your own) and you’ll need a dry place to store wood, and chimney maintenance and cleaning will be required annually.A closed stove (or slow combustion heater) is a great option with designs to suit every home from classic to rustic to modern, and they deliver longer-lasting heating from a room through an entire home, and with better control over the heat output. This is by far the most eco-friendly and ultimately affordable heating option available. A similar option is the wood pellet heater, which is also eco-friendly. It burns pellets that are made from agricultural waste and sawdust and emit low smoke emissions. Wood pellets may be purchased in bags of 15kg, and the cost over a year to purchase these will average $500-$750.
  • Gas A gas fireplace is a mess-free, streamlines option that produces no ash or smoke. It may be simple or sophisticated, with options for timer and remote control, thermostat control, and even Wi-FI connection. It requires connection to gas mains or LPG gas bottle, and it must be properly flued. These fireplaces are available in varying energy efficiency ratings and the flame appearance and size is also variable between different models. Ongoing costs include gas (which is a non-renewable fossil fuel) and routine maintenance.
  • Electric Electric fireplaces are a good option if you can not accommodate a chimney or flue. They can be moved between rooms and go with you if you move, and simply plug into an electric power outlet. They offer the effect of a real flame and come in an array of designs and styles. Heating is effective, however, it can be very costly to operate and is not an eco-friendly option.

Benefits of Installing a Fireplace

There are many benefits of installing a fireplace in your home.
  • A beautiful fireplace can add significant value to a home. Most homebuyers consider a functional fireplace an advantage and a selling point that delivers on an array of fronts.
  • Cosy ambience – there is nothing quite like the cosiness and romance of a fireplace with crackling flames. From an open-hearth fireplace to a wood stove or a real flame gas fireplace, a fireplace delivers an instantly relaxing atmosphere.
  • Warmth – nothing heats a home as efficiently as a fireplace. Moreover, if your fireplace is wood-burning or gas-fuelled, it does not require electricity – so you can stay warm and have some light even during a power outage.
  • Cooking options – a wood-burning stove enables cooking – heat water for tea or coffee, soup, or a simple stew on your stove. An open-hearth fireplace is great for roasting sausages, hot dogs, or marshmallows on sticks.
  • Reduce heating costs – heating your home using electricity is costly. Gas fireplaces save you money; wood-burning fireplaces save you even more. An energy-efficient fireplace that uses wood costs less to operate over the entire season.
  • Eco-friendly – modern fireplaces, and wood-burning fireplaces in particular, are extremely energy-efficient, requiring a far lower volume of fossil fuels to heat your home. Wood burning fireplaces are 100% sustainable, as wood has a carbon footprint of zero and is a completely renewable resource, unlike gas, coal, and other fossil fuels or fossil-fuel-derived resources like most electricity we currently produce. The best wood-burning fireplaces emit a low level of emissions and many are considered to be smokeless.
So, are fireplaces expensive? Not when you consider the big picture! Enjoy a new level of independence from utilities when it comes to heating your home. Choose a wood-burning fireplace to save money, protect your home and family from cold weather even during power outages, and create a more eco-friendly home.

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