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The Significance Of Fireplace Regulations In Australia

Are you planning to install a brand new fireplace in your home? It is vital to know a few things, and the most important is to fulfil the fireplace regulations in your area. To keep you and your family safe, Australia has several requirements and standards in place, and you should be aware of them. These standards are vital for both – a seamless installation of your brand new fireplace and being able to enjoy a warm, cosy fire all year round.

When you want to install a brand new fireplace in your home, ensure you adhere to these Australian regulations:

Regulations for the Chimney

The flue must be at least 4.6 meters in height from floor level and must be kept away from any windows or doors. Allow smoke to escape in the tightly sealed vertical direction, not allowing the smoke to leak inside your home. Your chimney should clear the roofline of your house by at least 600mm. It should be 1m taller than any of your surrounding neighbour homes. 3m clearance is mandatory around the end of the flue – that means it should not be obstructed by second storey walls or the walls of neighbouring property or trees. Furthermore, it should match the size of your fireplace, so there is sufficient space for air to expel.

Clearance Dimensions

When installing a brand new fireplace, ensure that the space surrounding your fireplace, including walls and floors, are protected. Installing a hearth is vital, made from a non-combustible material to protect the carpet and timber floors. Generally, homeowners choose a tiled, tone or slate hearth, which creates a beautiful ambience and elegance to your fireplace. The size of the hearth should be proportional to the size of your heater.

Fireplace Installation

When you want to install a brand new fireplace or wood heater in your home, ensure it adheres to Australian Standard AS/NAS 2918. It accompanies various restrictions that may affect the size of your fireplace and where you can install it within your home. It is vital to install fireplaces as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Therefore, go for a professional fireplace installation.

Check for all the restrictions and guidelines for fireplace installation with your local council before buying your new fireplace. There may be other limitations in your area, and finding them afterwards can prove expensive.

Using & Maintaining Fireplace

For proper use and maintenance of your fireplace, Australian standards have laid down some crucial recommendations in place. Here are some additional tips:

  • Ensure that you are using appropriate firewood for wood-burning fires in your area.
  • Close doors and curtains and make sure your home is well-insulated, as it helps preserve heat and lets fresh air inside through the flue or chimney for better burning.
  • Service your fireplace and chimney at least once a year, preferably during spring or summer.

Do you need assistance to buy a fireplace online or want to learn more about fireplace regulations? Call us at Fireplace Masters on 02 4257 5493, and our experienced crew will be delighted to assist you.

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