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HeatMaster A650 Indoor Wood Fireplace

The Heatmaster A650 fireplace is designed for Australian local conditions. The Indoor Open Wood Fireplace is no exception by providing lasting ambience and atmosphere to any Australian home. Available Insulated or Uninsulated.


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Heat Master Indoor Open Wood Fireplaces.

The only open fire to be awarded the prestigious Australian Design Award, the Heatmaster open wood fire provides the ambience and the warmth of a wood fire with all of the quality and features of Heatmaster.

The design of your Heatmaster wood fire is limited only by your imagination. An extensive range of decorative fascias and finishes are available for the most contemporary to the traditional period style.

With the flexibility of our “A Series” fully insulted fireboxes which can be built into timber and plaster / gyprock frame without brickwork to our “B Series” uninsulated fireboxes which are designed to be installed into your existing chimney.


Some Key Features Of The Heatmaster Open Wood Fireplace:

  • Winner of the Australian Design Award
  • Thick 6mm lining of firebox
  • 5 Sided heat exchange system for up to 8 times more efficiency
  • Removable Ashtray for easy cleaning
  • Insulated models available for zero clearance installation (no brickwork required*)


Insulated Fireplace ModelHeightWidthDepth
A450 Fireplace670mm595mm395mm
A650 Fireplace680mm838mm470mm
A750 Fireplace680mm910mm495mm
A900 Fireplace740mm1060mm565mm
Uninsulated Fireplace ModelHeightWidthDepthHeight with flangeWidth with flange
B450 Fireplace575mm485mm340mm670mm590mm
B650 Fireplace595mm680mm380mm647mm806mm
B750 Fireplace635mm785mm435mm685mm905mm
B900 Fireplace695mm935mm480mm730mm1055mm

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